We are Developing a chain of Real Estates.

Verus is aimed at developing a chain of Real Estates, reducing housing deficit and make available affordable houses and housing scheme for all Africans

What is Verus?

Verus is a Crypto-based, commercial real estate development firm, focused on development, marketing and management of affordable property for commercial use.

The population of African countries is growing at an exponential rate, resulting to huge infrastructure deficit in the housing and real estate sector. These population growth also brings huge opportunities to the real estate market which has since been a major sector of most developing African countries with a market liquidation valued at $29b since its boom in 2007
Verus Estate is an equity Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focused on
development, management and marketing of commercial real properties and
related services to the ever growing population using blockchain technology thus reducing the risk associated to real estate investment and promoting transparency and swift transactions

Presale TOKEN

The Presale is aimed at the larger crypto community and enthusiasts in other to be among the early adopters.


September 7, 2019 (9:00AM GMT + 1)

Number of tokens for sale

100,000,000 (10%)


October 10, 2019 (9:00AM GMT + 1)

Exchange rate

1 ETH = 200,000 VERS

Minimum transaction amount

0.05 ETH


The IEO is aimed at capturing long term potential investors


May 2019

Conceptualization and fact finding

July 2019

project launch

August 2019

first Airdrop (for 1 month or 10,000 participating wallet)

September 2019

Presale and listing of VERS on Exchanges

November 2019

Airdrop 2

December 2019

Distribution of Airdrop token

Q1 2020

listing on major exchanges and IEO

Q2 2020

Public introduction of the project

Q3 2020

Launch of Verus platform (web, mobile app)

Q4 2020

full launch of project

Contact VERUS

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